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Linksys Router Setup

Linksys routers are the most renowned routers that provide their users with impeccable speeds. Below you are going to find the exclusive information to set up the Linksys routers in simple way.

Linksys Router Setup - Like A Pro

To connect several computers in your office or home; the wireless router is the best option and to be precise setup a Linksys wireless router, and you are set to go. Now the prime concern is, How do you set up a Linksys wireless router? This post will provide you with comfortable and step by step instructions to set up Linksys wireless router professionally and in almost no time. It is quite evident that just plugging in won’t make your wireless routers work. You need to set up and configure the router as per your network. A little technical knowledge will be helping hand (if you have) when taking up these types of jobs.

Steps for SetUp Linksys Router

If the next window appears with a prominent message “Your router is Setup” that means you have done the job successfully and completed your Linksys wireless router setup. This window will display all vital information for your new.

Setup Linksys Router

Use an ethernet cable to connect the duo, insert one end in the USB port at the back of the wireless router “Internet” or “WAN” and another end in the USB port of your cable modem.

Use another Ethernet cable to make a connection between your computer and your router by using any port among port on your router. To sustain working on a wireless connection, you are open to removing the Ethernet cable once you’ve completed Linksys wireless router setup.

Considering you know your WiFi login credentials, the next step is to connect to your secured WiFi network. By scanning and; selecting your network name and then adding your login credentials to get connected to the WiFi network.

Make sure you shouldn’t keep your system far away from your router, to receive good signal strength try to be close rot your wireless router.

Now when you are connected to the internet, it’s time to reach the smart setup wizard to setup Linksys Wireless Router. Open your browser and try any of the following address in the address bar to open the smart setup wizard:

  • myrouter.local

An Linksys smart WiFi page will appear on your screen. Give your consent to terms and conditions and click the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.

Once connected to smart wizard your router will automatically check and download any router updates available (if any). Next, you have to set up a new WiFi name that you will be using later on whenever you wish to connect to your WiFi. Type in the WiFi name and its password that you want to save for your future use. You can either choose to give a separate name to 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz WiFi or can choose to stay with a single name for both network bands; for that choose the ‘Give all my WiFi bands the same name.’ option in the current (Name Your WiFi) Window.

Now move to your device wireless manager to get connected to your new WiFi by selecting it from the available networks list. Once selected, go back to the Linksys wireless router setup.

Create a new password for your WiFi and add some easy to remember hints for a password that will work as a trigger for you to recall the password; in case you forget it. Click on the ‘Next’ button.

If the next window appears with a prominent message “Your router is Setup” that means you have done the job successfully and completed your Linksys wireless router setup. This window will display all vital information for your new WiFi networks such as your 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz WiFi names and passwords along with your router password. Click on the ‘Next’ button to exit the setup wizard.

Linksys Router Setup

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If your Linksys router has suddenly stopped working, restart it once. Sometimes routers do not respond at all and seem dead. In such situations doing a power recycle can get it back to life. Do the following:

  • Turn off your router.
  • Plug out the power cable.
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds.
  • Plug back the power cord, turn on the supply.
  • Turn on the router.

Any problem with WiFi network settings can result in your router dropping internet connection again and again. You can do the following checks to fix this issue:

  • First of all, change the WiFi name (SSID) and try connecting back.
  • Check and remove any wireless interference being created by other devices.
  • Check and customize your wireless network settings.
  • Adjust the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size accordingly.
  • Check and correct the dynamic and other IP gateway values.
  • Update Linksys router firmware.

The orange light blinking on your Linksys router indicated firmware malfunctioning. Firmware is the software that is loaded on the router itself. The updated firmware is required to keep it up for working flawlessly. To make this orange light go away, try doing the following things:

  • Restart the Router.
  • Check and download the firmware update.
  • Install the Linksys firmware update.

Various reasons could make your Linksys router slow to work. It could be your network, internet speed, connectivity issues, etc. Following is a list of prime checks that you should be following:

  • Check if your internet speed is not interrupted or slow.
  • Reduce the network congestion i.e., use less number of WiFi devices.
  • Remove any digital /electronic device located around the WiFi router.
  • Check your router is correctly connected to the modem.
  • Check if there are any issues with the WiFi network.