Quick Methods to factory Reset D-Link Range Extender

When you are facing any issues with the D-Link router or range extender, then it is very important that you reset the device. Reset really means that you have to factory reset D-Link range extender and not restart. There is a difference. There are various scenarios where the resetting of the router is required. Well, […]

D-Link Wi-Fi Extender Setup | Process for Setup

D-Link is among the best routers out there who are providing its users with reliable and high-speed internet connections. These routers are famous all over the world as they have a reputation in the market. With these routers, you will be able to enjoy high-speed connections wherever you are. With these routers, you will be […]

How to Fix D Link WiFi Extender Not Working

D-Link extender is a piece of equipment that is going to help you broadcast the signal and send it to a larger area. This is what makes access to Wi-Fi much easier for the ones who are sitting far away from the router. D-Link is making the best kind of routers and extenders that are […]