D-Link is among the best routers out there who are providing its users with reliable and high-speed internet connections. These routers are famous all over the world as they have a reputation in the market.

With these routers, you will be able to enjoy high-speed connections wherever you are. With these routers, you will be able to browse your favorite content or work without any lag. Although, there might be at times when you face the lag as the distance might be too much from where the router is.

At that time the only solution is to move close to the router. But what you can also do is to use the D link Wi-Fi extender. This piece of equipment is going to recast the Wi-Fi signal and is going to broadcast it at a higher range.

In order to do that, you would also have to know the process of D-Link Wi-Fi extender setup. In order to set up this device, there are some steps that you would have to follow. You need not be an expert on tech in order to understand these steps as any user who has the basic knowledge of the devices is going to set it up easily.

What is a D-Link Extender?

A D-Link extender is also known as the range extender that is known as Wi- Repeater device. It is going to amplify the distance range of the wireless LAN. The D-Link extender is the device that is going to connect to a base router or to the access point.

If you are willing to make a good connection with the D-Link extender and D-Link Router, it is very necessary to understand the concept of connectivity and the functionality of the D-Link extender.

From this article, we are going to help you understand the process of D-Link Wi-Fi extender setup.

How to do D-Link Wi-Fi Extender Setup?

When we calculate the time, then you will know that it takes almost 2-5 minutes for the setup of the extender unless you face any Router Error Code. In such a case, you would have to troubleshoot the extender and resolve the issue.

If you are not able to resolve it, then you may have to reset D-Link router password.

But let just focus on the steps that are going to help you with the steps. And also, it can feel like a long process for the first time for someone who is not aware of the technology.

Follow the Step and you will Learn to D-Link Extender Setup:

  • The first thing that you are required to do is to unbox the D-Link extender range router and then plug it into the power outlet.
  • After that turn on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or PC and then refresh the wireless network. If you are seeing the wireless network list, you will see the D-Link extender model.
  • After that tap on the device in order to get in connection with the D-Link wireless extender.
  • As you are going to tap on it, you are going to see that a Pop up is going to appear on the screen. This is going to demand your password. D-Link extender password is mention over the back of the D-Link box. Or you are going to find it behind the extender itself.
  • Once you have entered the password, then you need to visit the internet browser from the same device.
  • Then go to the D-Link configuration page.
  • Then you have to click on the next and then select manually.
  • Make sure that your D-Link router is On as it is automatically going to identify the router. If your router unable to identify the wi-fi extender then you need to perform Setup D-Link Router in proper way. Then you need to try and communicate with the router.
  • When you will find your router, the router is going to ask you for the password.
  • Fill in the login credentials of the particular router and then your D-Link extender will automatically get connected to the router.
  • Once you see router is connected, it is good that you restart both the devices in order to make sure that there is proper connectivity of the router and the D-Link extender.
  • If you see that if there is any difficulty then you need to contact us for the D-Link Wi-Fi extender setup.

This is the process that will help you setup the extender without any issue. If you are not able to do that, then you can get in touch with our experts. They are going to provide you with the proper solution.

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