How to fix D Link Router Error 404

Learn How To Resolve The Issue Of D-Link Router Error 404

The D-Link Router Error 404 signifies that the page requested by the user has not been found.

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Let us tell you that you can face the D-Link Router Error 404 anytime as it depends on which website it is directed from.

In this article, we have suggested some easy methods with the help of which you can easily solve the issue. This error can appear in a number of ways like router error 404, 404 error, 404 not found, requested URL has not been found in this server, HTTP 404, Error 404 not found, etc.

Behind the issue, there could be a number of reasons like operating system issue, client-side error, connectivity issue, wrong URL. When that page is completely remove from the website.

We hope that now you have much information as to why you are facing this trouble. Moving forward, let’s focus on the methods to resolve the issue.

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How To Solve The Issue Of D-Link Router Error 404?

  1. The very first and the easy method to resolve the issue is to press the F5 button. Click on the refresh icon. Just by doing this, many times the issue got solve automatically.
  2. Make sure that you have typed the right URL address as many times a wrong URL is the only reason behind the issue. Or try to search about the subject on any other search engine and then paste the URL.
  3. Try to remove all the cache and the history from the site and then check if the issue of D-Link Router Error 404 got resolve or not.
  4. If the entire website is showing the error 404 not found then you can resolve the issue by changing the DNS server.
  5. Make sure all the cables have been insert properly to the router and the computer. Turn off the router and the computer and then remove all the cables from them. Let them be off for some time and the connect cable back and then check if the issue got resolve or not.

And then…

Many times a simple refresh can solve the issue easily. So we highly recommend you to refresh the page first and if that will not work then try any other method.

In case you have tried all the methods and are still facing the issue of D-Link Router Error 404. Then it would be better if you take help from our technician experts.

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