The D-Link Router Error 404 signifies that the page requested by the user has not been found.

And if you don’t want to face this issue more then we would like to suggest you to call helpline numbers. Which are round the clock available.

Also, you can read all the guidelines that have been given in this article.

Let us tell you that you can face the D-Link Router Error 404 anytime as it depends on which website it is directed from.

In this article, we have suggested some easy methods with the help of which you can easily solve the issue. This error can appear in a number of ways like router error 404, 404 error, 404 not found, requested URL has not been found in this server, HTTP 404, Error 404 not found, etc.

Behind the issue, there could be a number of reasons like operating system issues, client-side error, connectivity issues, wrong URL. When that page is completely removed from the website.

We hope that now you have much information as to why you are facing this trouble. Moving forward, let’s focus on the methods to resolve the issue.

And as we have mentioned above, if you need any outside help then you can dial the troubleshooting number.

Causes of the D-Link Router Error 404:

  • One of the main reasons why the website removes the content that you have been searching out of the URL search as it could be in another URL. 
  • URL or its content like files, images, and others must either delete or move with adjusting any of the internal links. 
  • The URL is incorrectly done during the creation process or during the process of redesigning. 
  • Incorrect in the URL
  • The URL must be mistyped in the browser.
  • The server of the website is not running or is with a broken connection
  • The domain name which you must have requested will not cover an IP by the DNS or the domain name system.
  • The domain name is not existing or is not at all available anymore.
  • There are some website operators who fail to check the external links regularly in order to make the functioning link become a lost one easily.
  • The websites which are providing the links do not know that the linked websites move to another URL or might not be existing. 
  • There are many websites that do not appear on the SERPs or the search engine result pages are not available now. This is because the operators will leave the dead links for a long time without having any idea that the link content is deleted or moved.

There can be various other issues such as the-

  • Operating system error connectivity issue.
  • Client-side error 

When you face the D-Link router error 404 due to any of the above issues. Then it is best that you can contact the D-Link router support immediately.

D-Link Router Error 404
D-Link Router Error 404

How To Solve The Issue Of D-Link Router Error 404?

  1. The very first and the easy method to resolve the issue is to press the F5 button. Click on the refresh icon. Just by doing this, many times the issue got solved automatically.
  2. Make sure that you have typed the right URL address as many times a wrong URL is the only reason behind the issue. Or try to search about the subject on any other search engine and then paste the URL.
  3. Try to remove all the cache and the history from the site and then check if the issue of D-Link Router Error 404 got resolved or not.
  4. If the entire website is showing the error 404 not found. Then you can resolve the issue by changing the DNS server.
  5. Make sure all the cables have been inserted properly into the router and the computer. Turn off the router and the computer and then remove all the cables from them.
  6. Let them be off for some time and connect the cable back and then check if the issue got resolved or not.

There are some Simple Steps that you need to follow to resolve the D-Link Router error 404:

  • The first thing that you need to do is refresh the page by pressing the refreshing icon. You can also press the F5 button.
  • After that, rechecking the URL that you have typed in the browser as typing the wrong URL is the main reason for the error code 404.
  • In order to be sure, instead of tying the URL, cut and paste the URL address in the browser
  • Removing all the cache, cookies, and history from the website may help to resolve the issue of error 404.
  • Check the cables for the proper insertion of the router and the computer. 
  • When there is any loose connection, you can turn off the router and the PC. 
  • If you see that there are any loose connections, turn off the router and the computer to remove all the cables and then connect them back to resolve the error

If you are not able to resolve the issue immediately. Then get in touch with the experts for the best solutions!

And then…

Many times a simple refresh can solve the issue easily. So we highly recommend you refresh the page first and if that will not work then try any other method.

In case you have tried all the methods and are still facing the issue of D-Link Router Error 404. Then it would be better if you take help from technician experts.

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