There are specific standard D-Link Router Error Codes that you may encounter. For example 103, 104, 111, these D-Link errors share a common reason for their existence. Any damages or corrupted windows system file could make your router deprive of accessing the internet connection and thus resulting in showing you Error Code 103, 105 or 111 on a D-Link router.

With the help of our router helpline experts, we have penned down a few worth trying solutions. These troubleshooting solutions could efficiently resolve:

  • D-Link Router Error 103
  • D -Link Router Error 104
  • The D-Link Router Error 111

Read this post carefully to learn in detail about fixing various D-Link Wi-Fi Router Errors. Let’s begin.

Troubleshooting D-Link Router Error 103

What it means- The router error code 103 in the D Link routers indicates that it couldn’t find the internet connection.
In simple words, this error shows up when computers and routers are unable to search the internet connection.

The prime reason for this error is the incorrect configuration of your D-Link router. The router settings must comply with your ISP settings.

How to Fix D-Link Router Error 103?

To make this error go away. You should try doing the following things:

  • Use “https” instead of “http” in every URL you type in the address bar.
  • Check your router settings. Ensure your routers or modems are running on correct IP and DNS value.
  • Check the proxy server settings in your router admin page. Getting the router login error? Click here to read what you should do, when stuck in the “D-Link Router Not working” situation. Ensure your system firewall is not the problem. Sometimes your firewall/antivirus software is super active. They don’t even let internet connection work on your system.
  • Restart your computer, modem, and router to give it a fresh restart.

Troubleshooting- D-Link Router Error 104

What it means- This error shows us when your PC/router is unable to find the internet connection. The error mostly occurs in chrome browser. The D-Link Router Error 104 involves the PC crashes, unresponsive system & the malware infection.

The Error message reads like this: Error 104 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED). The attempt to connect to the server failed

How to Fix D-Link Router Error 104?

To fix D-Link router error 104, you can try the following steps. Perform all actions one by one. Restart system after completing each troubleshooting step.

  • Clear your Internet Browser Cache
  • Clean your Browser Cookies (including history & temporary files.)
  • Full Scan your system to check Virus/Malware Hit
  • Remove additional extensions from your browser. (that you no longer use)
  • Uninstall and reinstall the browser. Need help with this, click here to contact our Router Error Code team.
  • Perform a deep windows disk cleanup to remove all corrupted or residual files. Do the following:
  • Go to the Disk Cleanup option.
    • Choose the Disk name.
    • Select options to perform the cleaning.
    • Restart your system.
  • Restore your windows PC to its last version. Work with “System Restore Point.” Do the following to roll back to the previous version:
    • Restart your computer.
    • Choose the “Administrator” option to log in.
    • Click the Start button.
    • Select All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.
    • You will see “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option.
    • Single left-click to select it.
    • Click “Next.”
    • You will get a list of “Restore Points.”
    • Choose the most recent point.
    • Click “Next” in the confirmation window.
    • The system restoration process will start.
    • You will get a success message for the same. Restarts your computer before you try to re access the internet.

Troubleshooting- D-Link Router Error 111 Error

What it means- This error occurs when there exist some damaged Windows system files. These misconfigured files may cause a problem for your router to work correctly.

How to Fix D-Link Router Error 111?

To handle such a situation, you have two options. Either roll back your windows to the previous version (Manual method) or repair your system registry structure (automated Method). Following we are explaining both techniques in detail.

Method 1: Fixing D-Link Error 111 manually

You can choose to roll back your system to the previous version. This will fix all/any problems created by any updates or installing/installing of any application. A system restore can take you the point where you were connected to the internet. And your D-Link router was performing accurately.
This method involves little technical knowledge. Follow these steps only if you understand the technical terms.
Scroll up to read the “Work with “System Restore Point” section. It is explained under troubleshooting of D-Link Router Error 104.

Method 2: Fixing D-Link Error 111- Automated Method

  • Go to the official D-Link website
  • Download D-Link Router repair utility.
  • Install the application on your system.
  • Open D-Link repair utility program.
  • Click on the” Scan” button.
  • Let the process goes on.
  • Restart your computer.

For any further D-Link router issues, you can contact our experts for the best service.

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