All wireless devices in a home are connected to the router. This is today’s reality. Nowadays, people start feeling anxious when they are not connected to Wi-Fi. You can also get your connection up by a router setup in your home.

Every router model is very different and unique. Every model skips or adds steps when they have to be setup. You do not have to go in doubt as there are experts at your service to help you out.

Our experts are experienced and have the practical knowledge on how to do router setup.

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The steps that you can follow to stay fully connected to the Wi-Fi:

Check your internet connection:

If you are connecting your router to an existing modem or any ISP gateway, then you might know whether or not your internet is working or not. Make sure that it is working as it is worth checking the internet.

When there is a bad connection, it might take a long time to install the router, when there may be nothing bad with the router itself.

This is why it is very important to make sure that you have a running and an active internet connection as it could be the case that you are installing a new router on an already installed internet connection.

If you have an active and reliable internet connection, then you are good to go for router setup.

Placement of the router:

Pay attention to the documentation that is included when you are unpacking the router. Keep a strict check on the stickers or slips which includes the most important essential information for router setup.

The slip may include the username and password and the address of the router’s web interface.

Look at the antennas and see whether you have to install them or you just just leave them be. Once it is assembled and unpacked, find one ideal place to install the router. One of the most ideal places is in the center.

It is done so that everyone in all the directions can get a good signal strength. This way everyone is able to get the best coverage of the internet.

It is also preferred to be put in a high position since it can avoid potential interference such as metal objects and concrete walls. Make sure it is away from the microwave. It is so because it gives the same frequency that your wireless signal is using.

Power in On:

Once the router is working you could see the router’s lights go active. Some of the lights are going to blink and are going to change the color during the process of the router setup. These lights will also tell you that the router is properly plugged in and turned on.

You need to wait for some time before it can start and run.

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Connect to an internet source:

Keep a strict check on the LED light indicators as you are plugging in the cable. See for the color change or any other sign which according to the router can tell you about its present state.

Double-check the connection if there are no lights that can confirm the internet connection. Check whether or not you have plugged the Ethernet cable or not. Now check, whether or not, the router is working or not by plugging your router on the device ports.

This way you can understand whether or not you can run the connection via Wi-Fi or not.

Well, if still, you are unable to get the router to work, then do not worry and get in touch with our experts. They are going to let you know how to do router setup.

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