You can call them the best as they have managed to keep the best quality of the product. There are times when you are trying to connect to the internet or are connected to the internet, the connection might drop. This is the case when the D-Link router not working.

The D-Link routers are among the most popular routers. They are one of the best networking brands around the world. They are manufacturing devices like extenders and routers, USB adapters.

There are many reasons why you must have been facing these issues. If you want to solve the issues, then you need to follow.

Through this post, we will tell you how to troubleshoot the D-Link router issues and we will help you repair them. Let us first understand what are the reasons why the D-Link router not working.

Reasons for the D-Link Router Not Working:

It is one of the most common issues with the router community. Let us discuss the issues which might be the reasons behind the D-Link router not working.

  • Overheating and power supply issues might lead to this issue.
  • When you have just updated the latest firmware or are using the incorrect configuration.
  • When you are having ISP problems.
  • There are some cases in which the issue is going to occur when the IP address is misguided from one device to another in order for the router to work.

There might be a case where you have forgotten the password of the D-Link wireless router. Then you just one option that is to reset the router to the factory defaults. There is a time where you can use the pin and press it for a few seconds. This will help you reset the router.

You need to hold the pin until you see the power button blinking. After that, wait for a minute in order to reset the router and then switch it on.

Now you know the reasons that are causing the issue, it is time to troubleshoot the issue. Let us discuss the troubleshooting steps:

The Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the D-Link Router Not Working Issue:

There are some steps through which you will be able to resolve the issue. Let us discuss those steps:

  • Restart the internet modem and your D-Link router together.
  • Confirm that your modem to the router connection cable is connected properly.
  • After that try to connect the modem to the internet.

If you see that you are able to make the connection, then you can reset the router. Find the reset button that is a small hole and you need to insert a small pin such as a paper clip. Press the button inside for at least 10 seconds.

It is very important to know that resetting the router is going to put it just out of the box state. After that, you need to redesign the admin password and any settings that you will make for the router.

Restart the PC and then you need to connect it to the internet.

How to Setup the D-Link Router:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to open the web browser on the PC.
  • After that type in in the web address bar section.
  • Then you need to type admin as the user name and then leave the password column.
  • After that tap on the setup wizard option
  • Then you need to select the internet connection setup wizard option
  • After that, you need to setup the administrator password.
  • Then you need to set up the time zone.
  • Choose the type of internet connection type that you are using.
  • Then press on the Copied Mac Address.
  • Make sure that you store your settings. In order to save them, you need to press the connect button.
  • You will see that your router will restart which is going to take at least 2 to 3 minutes approximately.

This is what you will be a step close to solving the issue of the D-Link Wi-Fi extender not working.

How to Create a Wireless Network:

  • Make sure to sign in your router.
  • Then you need to open the Setup tab.
  • After that press the wireless settings option.
  • Then press on the enable wireless option.
  • Then you need to type the name that you might have created.
  • Choose the WPA2 as the security mode.
  • Make sure that you are setting the strong password and make sure that you remember it as you are writing it down.
  • Press on the save the settings option.
  • After that reboot, the router after the setup D-Link router, and then keep waiting for at least one minute.

You will now see that the wireless network is active and you must have resolved the D-Link router not working.

If you are facing the same issue again or are not able to resolve the issue, then you can get in touch with our experts. They will provide you with the best steps and solutions to solve any router error code.

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