Have you been facing the Linksys router error 651? This is among the common windows error that you can get on your PC. There is no need to scratch your mind when you face this error as it can be resolved very easily.

This message is generally titled with the fact that the modem is not able to connect with the internet. There are various ways through which you can fix this issue.

Reason Behind Linksys Router Error 651

This issue can occur due to incorrect IP configuration and if there is an issue with the network card drivers. If you are not able to locate the real cause of this issue, then you must do something to resolve it as soon as possible.

For the users who are not tech-savvy can try to resolve the issue by getting in touch with our tech specialists. Our tech experts are experienced and are ready to solve each and every Linksys router error 651.

They have been trained to help you in the best and the most efficient manner.

Steps To Fix Linksys Router Error 651?

There are some steps that you need to follow in order to fix the issue. But first, you must know what this error means. When you are facing this error, this means that your modem has reported an error.

If you are a tech-friendly user and are looking to solve this error, then you can try the steps mentioned below and try to resolve the issue:

Quick Restart:

The Linksys router error 651 can be caused by the PC or modem. There could something wrong while you are trying to connect your PC with the internet.

Restart both your modem as well as the Router when you are trying to regain the connection.

Turn off your PC and well as the router and pull the cables out from the power outlet. After a break of 30 seconds, put the cables back in and switch on your PC as well as your router to see whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Update the Network Card Driver:

Another issue could be the outdated drivers that could be the cause of the Linksys Router Error 651. What you need to do in such a scenario is to download and install the drivers. Make sure that you download the right drivers according to the operating system you are using and then install it.

If you are unable to find the drivers and do not know how to install it, then you can get in touch with our tech specialists.

Perform a Virus Check:

You can also perform a Trojan, virus check through your anti-virus. An anti-virus can help you detect whether there is a virus in your system that is causing the error.

If you are unaware of this we would like to tell you that there is some Trojan remover software that does not allow your router to connect to the Internet. Try to connect to the Internet after pausing the antivirus program.

Hopefully, it will work…

Examine The Connection:

Test The Connection

After testing the connection it would be easy for you to examine whether the problem is with the Internet or with the modem, computer, or network service provider.

To test if the network is working or not kindly connect the same WiFi network with another device. If the Internet is functional with the other devices then it simply means that the Internet is good but if not then there is an issue with your device.

Try Other Connection

You can use a different network with the router to overcome your difficulty easily. This is a very simple and helpful way to troubleshoot Linksys router error 651. If you do not have any other option then just give a call to the network provider of your particular area.

Some of the time the network services are closed to some areas. Hopefully, the service provider can help you with it.

Check The Wire

This happens rarely with few consumers using LAN wire that the connected wire is not suitable or damaged from somewhere.

You have to note a few things:

  • The wire should not be piled up or damaged from anywhere.
  • The LAN should be connected tightly with both ends.
  • It should not be folded.
  • Not any object should be placed on the wire.

Also Note: The power wire should also be connected tightly and make sure it should not be damaged from any side.


If you want proper maintenance and a long duration of your device then kindly from time to time give a reboot to your device. Also, do not forget to update the router in due time.

In The Nutshell

Expectedly the steps shared in this article with you will surely be useful to overcome Linksys router error 651. The router will now not break the consistency of the Internet. You can take full access to it.

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