So you have chosen the Netgear router over a number of other routers, that’s really a nice choice. But do you know how you will do the Netgear Wireless Router Setup? Don’t worry, chill and read this article carefully to know the answer.

Our team has researched a lot that why we have written all the steps for How do I setup my Netgear wireless router. You have to follow all of them in the given order to do the setup quickly.

The process is not that tough but the thing is people are totally unaware of how to do the same. But not now!

We always look after our customers and hence we are also going to provide you with our expert’s numbers. Yes, we also have a team of dedicated experts who are looking forward to help you.

Steps To Do Netgear Wireless Router Setup?

You just have to follow all the steps in the same order as given. If you will do so, you will set up your router easily.

  • With the help of an Ethernet cable, you have to connect the router with the internet port on the Netgear router.
  • Now, to one of the Ethernet ports connect your computer carefully.
  • Now, turn the router On by pressing the power button.
  • After doing that, just open any browser and search there for
  • It will then ask you to put the username and password. There you have to put “admin” in the username and “password” in the password box.
  • Now click “advanced>setup wizard”.
  • Now you have to click on the radio button so that the router detects the internet connection.
  • First, enter a new admin password and then confirm your action.
  • They will ask you for two security questions. Fill the page and then click on Next.
  • As soon as you will click Next, you will see another page of “firmware update assistant”.
  • In case your firmware is already up to date then you can click on Next Button. But if you found that there is any update then, update your firmware.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully done the Netgear Wireless Router Setup.


And now you can freely use your router without any tension. We assure you that the speed and service you will get through Netgear will not be found in any other router.

Help! Help!!

For the Netgear router setup, we have already told you much information. But we understand that not all of you would be able to do the setup yourself.

Hence, calling someone to do the same will take a lot of time and money. Then what can you do?

Actually, we have mentioned already and reminding you again. You can take help from our experts who have years of experience.

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