The WiFi range extenders are among the best ways to get rid of poor internet connectivity issues. The moment you setup the WiFi extender, you will not only get the expanded range but also a safe and sound network connection.

The extender can easily amplify the router signals. This is also going to reduce the effort for the router setup and the configuration every now and then. But there are at times when you can face certain issues with the Netgear extender and you will see that Netgear Extender not working.

If you are experiencing these issues, then you are on the right page as we will help you with the steps to resolve the Netgear extender not working issues.

Why is the Netgear Extender Not Working?

There are numerous reasons for which the Netgear extender not working. Let us clarify the reasons behind this issue. There are damaged parts such as the antennas, ports, or any other kind of internal hardware which is going to make the device stop working.

There are at times when they are not properly connected or might be loose which is why you might have been facing the issue. When you are using a power cable that is not authenticated, then

The Wi-Fi Extender Not Connecting to the Internet:

If you see that your Wi-Fi extender is not connecting to the internet, then either the device that you use such as the PC, laptop, or mobile is responsible or the issue is with the extender or the router.

A partial Wi-Fi extender setup is going to show you a new extender with no internet issue. This is why it is recommended that you diagnose each and every connected hardware first and then find the exact troublemaker in order to fix the issue.

If you see that every element is fine at your end, then you need to follow the step given below:

  • Place your extender away from such materials or the devices that will create signals interfering or reflecting.
  • Then you need to choose for any loose plugins and connections.
  • Verify the status of the extender LED Lights.
  • Then power cycle your desktop, mobile, computer, router, as well as extender.
  • After that, you need to log in to smart wizard and then check whether the extender’s firmware is updated or not.

Have you tried the solutions that have been mention above but are not able to resolve the issue? In this case, reset the extender to the default settings and then reconfigure it. For a quick resolution, you can even connect with our experienced technicians.

Netgear Extender Not Working:

Do you see that your Wi-Fi extender is not working? Well, then there might have been some reason behind this issue. When there is any damage part of the extender such as the port, antennas, or any other internal hardware, it will make the device stop working.

Another factor that is responsible for this issue is the antennas that are attach to the extender. If you see that they are not properly connect or might be loose. Then the extender is not going to show in the display list.

There is a compatibility issue between the router and the extender that can also be the cause of the issue. If you are using the unauthenticated power cable with the Netgear wifi extender setup. Then you won’t be able to connect with the Wi-Fi extender:

  • Make sure that the antennas and the cables of the extender are perfectly well connect.
  • Also, ensure that you are not placing the extender in the dead zones or in the corners of your home.
  • Make sure that you do not place the router below the surface that you have selected in order to place your extender as the antenna will broadcast relatively weak signals.
  • When you replace the extender close to the water source, it is not a good idea. This might create a hindrance in the signals.
  • Make sure that you are keeping the antennas in the line of sight of one another and there must be no metal objects like pipes, ceilings, or concrete near it.
  • Also, ensure that there is no thick concrete wall between the extender and the wireless devices.
  • You must keep the radio wave transmitting devices such as Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, and wireless phones away from the extender.

When you are experiencing intermittent wireless connection with the extender. This issue is going to occur if the extender is not properly setup and it does not have the latest firmware. It is very easy to resolve the issue by following the steps mentioned above and taking care of certain measures.

Unable to detect the Range from the Extender Network Name:

If you see that your wireless device is not able to detect the range of the extender range network name or SSID. It means that the network SSID is disable or the extender has not started properly.

After that reboot the extender and then reconnect it. If you are using a wireless device, and are still not able to detect the range extender network name. Check whether the extender is broadcasting the SSID or not.

In order to do so, you need to connect the extender using the ethernet cable. After that access the setup wizard for the Wi-Fi Range Extender and then head over to the Wi-Fi settings.

Are you still dancing to the Wi-Fi issues with the extender and are you all worked up? Then get in touch with our experts and visit Router Error Code. They will provide you with the best tips and solutions!

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